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We are passionate about honeybee health and honeybee education.

Scott Herbert and Chad Whitcomb own and manage approximately 45 honeybee colonies throughout Central and Western Massachusetts. We really enjoy educating as many people as we can about the benefits of honeybees.

Scott Herbert is currently working through the Master Beekeeper Certification Program at Cornell University, and has kept bees for several years. Scott is responsible for producing the queens and NUC's we have available. He is also an avid woodworker, building/assembling all of the bee equipment Charlton Bee Company sells.

Chad Whitcomb is in his second year keeping bees. He takes the lead on the hive removals we do from trees and structures (nearly a dozen last season!). Plus, he doesn't mind climbing the ladder for those hard to reach removals! He's also learning about splits, queen rearing, and hive management.

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